brb. going on a pilgrimage for a few days.

There are things that are a part of football that are so much more than just football. The Hillsborough disaster of 1989 is one among many of these things that start in football, but have come to symbolize so much more. I won’t ever be able to fully understand what this disaster means for those who lived it or for those affected by it, but I can feel how much it means to the football community.

I wasn’t even a year old when it happened and I had no clue that it had happened until many years later, but each year the anniversary serves as a reminder. The reminder of a tragedy that could have been avoided, one that could have been dealt with better, but also a reminder of how rivals can turn into supporters and allies. I get tears in my eyes as I watch the moments of silence, the applause, the 96 empty seats and the solemn looks on the faces of the players and the crowds. I’m not a Liverpool supporter, my heart belongs to another club, but I can hardly sit through the Liverpool supporters’ singing as loud as they can “You’ll Never Walk Alone” without having to take a deep breath while reminding myself that this is football.

This is football, after all. Teams play against each other hoping to take the trophy at the end. Sometimes we get to see our team succeed and other times we need consoling, as if we were the ones who missed what could have been a game changing goal. Rivalries draw divisions and we defend our side, shouting until we lose the ability to make a single sound come out of us, but we know we’re part of a bigger football family. Moments like Hillsborough have the capacity to bring us all together; we honor the lives of all 96 victims no matter what club we support, where we’re from or if we were even alive at the time of the disaster.

25 years ago 96 people lost their lives supporting their club. They went to see an FA Cup Semi-final and never made it home. 25 years later we continue to honor and remember them. We continue to seek justice for the lives lost that 15th of April in 1989.

Camera Obscura Lloyd, I'm Ready To Be Heartbroken

oh my gawd you guys, i’m freaking out! i just stalked and killed a really nasty big bug in my room and then turned out the lights and started watching svu. i started to hear little noises in my room so i tried to turn the light on to see if theres another bug, but my light bulb burned out! i can’t see and i’m freaking out! uuugh!

i swear i’m doing my work… what do you mean this thing needs paper?
me in the studio. taken by a friend.

“April is the cruelest month.”

— T.S. Eliot (via glamour)
self portrait from a photo assignment.
7 deadly sins, wrath.

come watch say anything with me! i have cotton candy!

hey boy, hey.
i think i lost that beanie. :(
pintando muros con acción poética guadalajara.
it’s been a rough week, take two.
beer candy.
it’s been a rough week.

i don’t care who lives here. i’m gonna walk around in my underwear and no one can stop me. >:(