i am the most indecisive shopper ever.

black heels or nude heels?

posting from school because im still without a charger.
sutro baths.
san francisco, california.

You guys, since I’m without a laptop charger and unable to watch football I’ve started watching ufc.
Lord help me.

Sometimes all one needs is a friend.

days ago.

scrolling through tumblr at school is hard because there is too much booty on my dash and these walls are literally made of glass.

“Some days in late August at home are like this, the air thin and eager like this, with something in it sad and nostalgic and familiar…”

bay area, git at me.
Some of my babies.



I blame Mujer, Casos de la vida real and la rosa de Guadalupe for making mexican moms so overprotective and paranoid

Lmfao 😂

the farmland.

"What happened to your arm?""I was walking down the stairs and looking at the stars."(Amman, Jordan)
this is heriberto. he juggles on the street to help his family make money.
so i’d been in my room all day doing work and feeling upset with everything and i felt like i wanted to smoke more than ever. i don’t usually smoke, but i guess that’s how shitty everything seemed. instead, i decided to go out and take some photos. no matter the weather, this man is out on the street doing what he knows how to do. he tells me he does this to make enough money to eat. i took some photos of him, but i had to promise i would print one for him to have. he shared stories with me about his life, his kids and his work. honestly, people like him are amazing. and i know, clowns are scary, but this man is nearly 72 years old and eating fire in 90 degree weather daily from 11-8. i’m pretty sure that makes him a baller.